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Beem Family GenConnect Boards

These boards are a part of the Michael Beem Family web pages maintained by Marceline Beem. Although the primary focus of the site is research of the Michael Beem family, any queries or documents with a Beem (Beam, Boehm) connection are welcome!

These boards are designed to allow you to transcribe (type in) information from documents related to the Beem family that you may have in your possession. By sharing the information from these documents, you may be helping people with their ancestral search and connecting with "cousins" who are researching the same family.

You MUST state the SOURCE of the information in your transcription, preferably at the beginning of the actual transcription in the Message box. Copyrighted material is NOT allowed on these boards. You are responsible for assuring that copyrights are not being violated.

Queries Queries: This board is for you to list your known family members, theories about their ancestors, requests for help in your search.
Queries Biographies: This board is for biographical stories that were written about your Beem ancestors. Or it may include a biography that you have written. If it is a biography that you have written, please list your self as the source of the biography and include your sources for the information in the body. This board is NOT for gedcoms, family group sheets, or other chart type information.
Obits Obituaries: This board is for obituaries published in a newspaper, funeral record, etc. State the name of the newspaper, the date that the obituary appeared in the newspaper at the beginning of the obituary, ie. THE CHARLESTON TIMES, p. 1A: Elbridge Gerry Beem . . .
Bible Records Bible Records: This board is for Bible records that you may have or have copied from a family Bible. Please include the original owner of the Bible and the current owner's name, if known.
Deeds Deeds: This board is for deed records of your Beem family. Many times this information may be the only documentation of family connections. Please include the source of the information, ie. Licking County, Ohio, Deed Book 5, p. 285, 10 Mar 1845.
Deeds Pensions: This board is for pension or military records of Beem family members who received pensions due to their service during a war, i.e. Civil War, Revolutionary War, etc.
Deeds Wills: This board is for wills of Beem family members. Please include the location of the will, the book and page number, and the date.

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